School is in: McKinney teaches at NCCU - McKinney

School is in: McKinney teaches at NCCU

February 22, 2018

“Last week, McKinneyites including Jonathan Cude, Jenny Nicholson, David Sloan, Kevin Murray and Kerry O’Connor made their way across town to North Carolina Central University to lead a weeklong series of introductory advertising classes.

The classes gave Central students an overview of the agency world: the different jobs the industry has to offer, how advertising fits into a company’s overall marketing mix, and how different agency roles work together to provide engaging solutions for their clients.

And it wouldn’t be advertising if we didn’t show work: the students got to see everything from Super Bowl spots for Tide and McKinney’s “Be Celebrated” for Blacture to “Want It All” from Nike and our “No One Gets a Diploma Alone” efforts for the Ad Council.

The classes evoked similar feelings of inspiration from instructors and students alike.

“It’s easy to get stuck in the routine of coming into work every day,” said Strategist Kerry O’Connor. “But speaking to the students at Central made me step back and think about why I come in every day and what I love about it. It was inspiring to see them interested and curious about what I do.”

And NCCU senior Nijah McKinney shared her perspective: “I discovered this past year that advertising was a true passion of mine. The power of turning an idea into a creation in a way that gives the world an experience is amazing to me. McKinney’s presentation helped assure me that this was the right path for me.”

As for Chief Creative Officer Jonathan Cude, he’s on his way to knocking out his annual Top 10 List. “Although it’s still early in the year, I already know that teaching at Central will be one of my highlights in 2018,” said Jonathan. “The energy of the students was great and their questions were engaging and thoughtful. I look forward to more trips over to NCCU.””