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Happy New Year — You Just Had a Great Idea!

January 11, 2018

New year, new you — right? While some are hoping to eat healthier or exercise more, you want to reach for the sky. Hit the ground running and jump-start your career. But how? Well, here’s a little secret: It’s all about ideas.

That’s right, to be successful in this industry, you have to be seen as a thought leader. But coming up with original insights — man, that’s hard work. Who has time for that? Why can’t you just skip the thinking part and go straight to your SXSW panel, you know? Well, fear not — all your problems are solved. Say hello to the Thought Leadership Generator!   

It’s the brainchild of McKinney Group Creative Director Jenny Nicholson. And like most of her ideas, it stems from her drive to learn and create: “I wanted to teach myself a little jquery. At the same time, I was getting more involved in LinkedIn and noticed how much BS gets spewed on that platform under the guise of ‘thought leadership.’ So I decided to teach myself some code and poke a little fun at the same time.”

The site (imathoughtleader.guru) is fun and oddly hypnotic. Just click away and watch the ideas roll by. “Think beyond the network to snag your dream client in half the time.” Hmmm. “One life-changing habit to stay relevant and foster lasting creativity.” That might work. “Five ways to be truly innovative while you sleep.” Bingo!

While the ideas the site generates possess an odd verisimilitude to the ones you might come across on “real” strategy or marketing sites, this one, as Nicholson points out, is just for fun. “It’s 100% for entertainment — though I’m often surprised by how realistic the headlines it generates can be,” says Nicholson. “We tend to take ourselves awfully seriously in this business and any time I can let the air out of that bubble a bit, I’m going to take it.”