Mtern Spotlight — Barbrianna Adams - McKinney

Mtern Spotlight — Barbrianna Adams

August 31, 2017

Errand runners. Coffee grabbers. Copy makers. These labels are everything our Mterns aren’t. With their hands in every department from media to studio, our Mterns really made their mark this summer. As the summer winds down, we took some time to learn a little more about them.


Barbrianna spent the summer as our Agency Communications Mtern. Not only that, she was the recipient of the Joni Madison Mtern Diversity Scholarship. Before she left us for her senior year at UNC, she talked to us about what she learned and where she’s heading.


Who would you tweet and why?


I would tweet @BarackObama and @MichelleObama and ask them when they were returning to the White House from their much-deserved vacation. No explanation needed, quite honestly.


Best McKinney moment?


I’d say walking into my boss’ office and pouring out my lifelong aspiration to be a creative has been my best McKinney moment. I didn’t think it was typical for an intern to express that their calling isn’t necessarily in their assigned department; however, Janet reassured me that it was okay and that she was happy I let her know. She helped arrange for me to shadow an art director and pick their brains. One of my goals for the Mternship was to learn across different departments, so being able to actually do this along with my day-to-day schedule has really helped me put my head on straight and carve out some life goals.


Are there any qualities you have developed this summer from your time at McKinney?


I have developed a deeper sense of urgency. I thought I had mastered this throughout high school and college with deadlines, papers, homework and exams; however, I was wrong — completely. Being in the agency this summer, I realized that time waits for no one and if you aren’t cultivating your skills or taking the right steps to be your best self, someone else is. Once I realized my passion, I set goals and plans to fulfill my dreams. By no longer limiting my aspirations, I have learned so much and am creating a clear path for myself within the advertising industry, as well as my own life.


What does creativity mean to you?


Creativity is an embodiment of perspective, remarkable ideas and empathy. Whenever I tackle an issue, assignment or project, these three values are where I begin.


I value my perspective as a woman of color, as I see it being a rarity in the advertising industry, as well as in this world. I am able to use my identity as an educational platform, which I feel is one of the most powerful tools in itself.


With a blank piece of paper, a pencil and a bag of sour gummi worms, it is almost surprising the ideas that cross my mind. Ever since I was a kid, I have always felt that I had some creative spark. So with the opportunity to finally be able to let it shine, I try not to limit my ideas, and I try to make each one my very own.


Then, the most important of them all, empathy seals the deal. By making an effort to understand others and their perspective, creativity has the opportunity to knock down barriers that the world has been separated by for centuries.


Five years from now, I will be…


Creative — no matter where that takes me. I have never been fond of being confined to a schedule, but rather taking on each day with what I love to do in various directions. By helping others and bridging gaps, I hope to use my long-time love of creativity to create a greater good that extends beyond myself.