The 4A’s tells us what we already know - McKinney

The 4A’s tells us what we already know

August 23, 2017

McKinney Group Creative Director Jenny Nicholson has been honored as one of the “100 People Who Make Advertising Great” by the 4A’s. As part of their centennial, the 4A’s is recognizing the best the industry has to offer. And we think they couldn’t have made a better choice.


Here’s what Adweek had to say about Jenny:


Jenny Nicholson

Group Creative Director



Nicholson grew up without running water or electricity in Tennessee and had no formal education in advertising. But none of these “obstacles” prevented her from working her way up from proofreader to group creative director and generating some of the industry’s brightest ideas for brands like Virgin Mobile, Samsung and Travelocity. She also created SPENT, an interactive experience that raises awareness of poverty by challenging players to survive homelessness. Now a favorite in classrooms worldwide, SPENT is played over 7,000 times a day.


WHAT SHE LOVES ABOUT THE BUSINESS: “That I’m constantly learning something new and I get to make things that live in the world beyond me—things I can see people engage with, comment on and even criticize.”


THE NEXT BIG THING: “There’s been a big swing toward personalization and individualization in terms of data and targeting. But I think storytellers in advertising haven’t caught up with that yet. My hope is that those two sides of our industry will come together more to create experiences that aren’t just relevant but are also surprising and moving and special.”