Mtern Spotlight — Jonathan Titus - McKinney

Mtern Spotlight — Jonathan Titus

August 2, 2017

Errand runners. Coffee grabbers. Copy makers. These labels are everything our Mterns aren’t. With their hands in every department from media to studio, our Mterns have really made their mark this summer. With only a couple of weeks left until these gems leave us, we’re giving each one center stage to learn a bit more.

Project management added a new team member this summer — and he’s definitely worth mentioning. But what to call him? With so many Jo(h)nathans in the office, we needed a solution. And we found one. Today, we shine the spotlight on Durham’s very own: Titus (he ditched the first name).

During his undergraduate career at the University of Pittsburgh, Titus studied media communications and international relations. Although his major never actually intersected with our industry, his interest in advertising started long ago — with a cereal box. “I was obsessed with cereal as a kid,” Titus said. “I would buy different cereals based on the uniquely designed boxes. When I was younger, I wondered, ‘Who creates these boxes and how?’ Enacting the creativity behind selling an emotion linked to a product began to be far more alluring than any other career.”

“I never really knew what I wanted to do. I dipped my feet into production, website design and eventually project management. ” While gaining experience with agency project management software, he found his niche. Titus states, “As the project management intern, being a part of the entire process, while gaining the trust and confidence to coordinate a team, has been the highlight of my time at McKinney.” In keeping with his goal of improving the lives of others, he plans to transfer the skills he learns at McKinney to create an even bigger impact in the world — within an agency or industry he has yet to discover.

Since he has lived on his own in a big city like Pittsburgh and experienced a unique internship each semester, the transition into adulting for Titus has been a natural one.