Alan Hart enjoys the view at Digiday Brand Summit - McKinney

Alan Hart enjoys the view at Digiday Brand Summit

April 25, 2017

“The CMO View” is sweet, particularly when that’s the name of the panel discussion you’re moderating and you’re doing it in Charleston, South Carolina, at the Digiday Brand Summit.

ATOMCK Managing Partner Alan Hart had the pleasure of standing (we’re so over sitting) and chatting with Shinola CMO Bridget Russo and MikMak Founder and CEO Rachel Tipograph.

Russo and Tipogrpah talked about their brands in interesting ways. Best known for beautiful watches, Shinola was described by Russo as playing in six categories, with jewelry being the last she mentioned — that’s real-time brand innovation. When asked about MikMak’s trajectory, Tipograph said, “Shopping sends dopamine to your brain. Amazon is just about price. We work to be the QVC of the Snapchat generation.” Yes, the conversation was that fun, that unexpected, and exactly what you’d expect from the folks at Digiday.