McKinney swings into action for Samsung at CES 2017 - McKinney

McKinney swings into action for Samsung at CES 2017

January 6, 2017

McKinney rocked people’s socks off at last year’s CES with the Samsung virtual roller coaster. This year, we’re blowing their minds with an array of 4D VR experiences. From the land and sea thrills of skeleton rides, boat races and air-show stunts to an out-of-this-world three-person gyro adventure, the Samsung Galaxy Studio is a wonderland that is also home to an amazing array of Samsung products, including their latest TVs and home appliances.

In addition to the product showcases and wow factor of multiple synched adventures that seem to offer something for everyone, our experiential team handled the nuts and bolts, too. McKinney was the operations and production partner for everything Samsung at this year’s show in Las Vegas, overseeing construction of booths and displays and orchestrating press conferences and entertainment activations.