McKinney rocks the vote - McKinney

McKinney rocks the vote

November 7, 2016

Jenny Nicholson took her teen daughter with her to vote.

David McClay took his dogs canvassing in Durham.

While Alex Grimm took to the interstate to canvass in another county.

And Suzanne Rotchford and Lauren March took each other to register voters and work the early voting polls.

Oh, and Janet Northen took enough Halloween candy to feed them all.

These efforts by McKinneyites were complemented by Senior Studio Artist Bliss Alexander-Smith’s unique expression of love for the word, “VOTE.”

“I made eight 3-D posters total, each with a different image,” said Bliss. “The words didn’t have to be much, just a simple, graphic “VOTE,” cutaway — but not cut out. The purpose was not only to interact with the 3-D space but to make it clear that so much underlies a single vote. I definitely think of them as a group, since the imagery reflects not just landmarks, but the essence of the American spirit.”