McKinney welcomes its fall Mtern class - McKinney

McKinney welcomes its fall Mtern class

October 19, 2016

(The illustrations accompanying this article are the work of Caleb Gorham, one of our talented fall Mterns.)

It’s October, and McKinney is welcoming another crop of Mterns. The fall harvest, if you will. And we’re really excited. There are five of them (four here in Durham and one up in SoHo), and they are an incredible bunch — perhaps our most interesting collection of young talent yet.

They come from as far away as China and as near as Durham, North Carolina, with backgrounds and experiences to match. Not to mention a list of accomplishments resembling Homer’s Catalogue of Ships.

I think I say this every time,” said McKinney Senior Recruiter Kylie Kirk. “But this really was the most competitive field of candidates to date. Everyone we interviewed would have made a great Mtern.”

That’s certainly true, as you can tell by having a look right here:

Rinzin Dorjee | ’17 Duke University

Rinzin’s a true global citizen. He attended boarding schools in India and the U.K. before coming to the U.S. in 2012 to complete his undergraduate education at Duke. And just this summer, he traveled to 15 countries while also doing research for his capstone classes during stops in Nepal and Sweden. He is majoring in International Comparative Studies, Italian and European Studies, and Marketing and Management Studies, in addition to teaching Tibetan. Perhaps most exciting, he’s our first Joni Madison Mtern Diversity Scholar. The peripatetic Rinzin will be keeping things together as part of the project management team — until he moves on to his next stop.

Caleb Gorham | ’16 Chowan University

We were able to find greatness close to home as well. Caleb was born and raised here in Durham. He is a recent graduate of Chowan University, where he studied graphic design. When he’s not working or freelancing, he’s spending time on illustrations — his favorite medium, outside of Adobe Illustrator, is pen and ink — or sitting at his desk and coming up with new ways to solve the world’s problems. Caleb loves movies, comic books and a hot cup of coffee. He’s been aware of McKinney for quite a while, and working with us is one of his dream jobs, so he’s tremendously excited to join us this fall working with the premedia team.

Wyatt Packer | ’17 UNC Chapel Hill

Wyatt’s a senior at Carolina, where he’s majoring in advertising. A Charlotte native, Wyatt has an avid interest in music, art and social media — you can usually find him on Snapchat or listening to podcasts. After spending the summer in Washington, D.C. as an account intern for a small agency, he’s excited to be at McKinney because he feels the vibrancy and action of a larger agency is more up his alley. While here, he looks forward to getting the story on what makes McKinney tick — he’s working with agency communications, after all.

Subira Willock | ’17 Parsons School of Design

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Subira is a graduate student and career-changer. After working in finance, Subira left that field to start a talent-sourcing consultancy and travel lifestyle brand — chronicling journeys across five continents — all while a graduate student in strategic design and management. Obsessed with pop culture, ancient civilizations, live music and exploring the multicultural neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Subira brings a potent mixture of energy, enthusiasm and creative exploration to the account management team.

Jan Zhang | ’16 UNC Chapel Hill

Jan was born in Qingdao, China. After turning 17, she flew halfway around the globe to begin her adventures in the U.S. In the four years since, she’s also managed to study in Florence, Italy and Hong Kong. And she’s taken a crack at everything from walking a runway fashion show to firing rifles and pistols to skydiving — daredevil in our midst! Jan’s an advertising major who believes in her strong executional skills, and that’s why she’s excited to intern with the broadcast production team. Because, as we all know, that’s where things get done.

The more we discover about our Mterns, the more interesting they become.

We can’t wait to learn more.