McKinney battles at TwitchCon in the name of Vainglory - McKinney

McKinney battles at TwitchCon in the name of Vainglory

October 3, 2016

The brave warriors of our McKinney experiential team are at it again.

Fierce battles rage around them as the likes of Krul, Ringo and Saw navigate jungles and lanes, and members of enemy guilds advance upon the Vain Crystal. Warriors cry out to minions, beseeching them for Ice or Glory in their time of need. All while a flying, fire-breathing Skaarf looms, threatening their very existence.

Is our team stuck in the Upside Down?

No, it’s just another day at the office — or San Diego, anyway.

They are at the second annual TwitchCon (a celebration of all things Twitch, the game-streaming and social video company) to promote “Vainglory,” Super Evil Megacorp’s multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. As part of the 3-day event, they’ve created an environment and experience to build awareness that “Vainglory” is mobile-friendly and perfected for touch — making it ideal for tablet play.

In thinking about the event, the experiential team knew they wanted to ease TwitchCon merch-line pain. And this year’s booth location allows them to do just that — it’s adjacent to the convention’s merch store and right in the middle of a high-traffic zone. To capitalize on this location, they constructed a large, mobile prize wheel (think “Wheel of Fortune”) that attendees can spin while waiting in line to enter the store. Prizes range from minions holding your place in line for a 5-minute bathroom break or escorting you into the VIP line to swag prizes like a Halcyon Potion from the café or Six Sins (those would be six branded condoms — it’s a convention, after all).

Another enticing aspect of the booth is the Vainglory Café, an oasis where Twitchers can relax, replenish and engage in casual gameplay. The café offers energizing refreshments — critical for any serious gamer — and is overseen by local coffee superstars, Ironsmith.

At TwitchCon, it’s all about intense gaming, powerful potions, swag…and a flying, fire-breathing Skaarf.