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One More Wish gets the band back together

September 8, 2016

We came across this press release and cannot believe the actions of this band, trying to reunite under the premise of North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill,” House Bill 2. We at McKinney have been staunchly against HB2. Click here to read more about our work to repeal the bill. We are sharing this press release with our publics to spread the word about One More Wish’s tone deaf (in every meaning of the phrase) reunion tour.

Canceled concerts over a bathroom law in N.C. is a big opportunity for ’90s boy band

Durham, NC September 8, 2016 — After North Carolina passed a bill about bathrooms in March, people’ve been really upset. And not just people who live in North Carolina, but famous people, too, like Springsteen and the NBA. They scheduled shows and games here, but they’re so pissed off, they canceled. So boy band One More Wish decided this was their opportunity! They’re getting the band back together and will be playing all shows boycotted because of HB2.

Because some things have changed since the 1990s, when they were on the radio all the time, they’re now 1MW. They’ve also updated some of their lyrics and modernized the tunes. Like their hits from ’98 called “Make Three Wishes” and “JNKA Jeans.” You can hear the band every time your cellular phone rings, too, cuz they’ve made ringtones from their songs. Although, when you hear the guys singing, “Girl, your Rachel hairdo is makin’ me sweat / I’m in yourhands like a digital pet,” you might be so mesmerized you’ll forget to actually answer your phone.

1MW is not political, but they’re musical and beautiful. So a documentary film crew followed them for a few days — check out what they made by going here:

Then, come one, come all ticketholders, no matter what bathroom you use! Because, as regardsto this whole HB2 thing, rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t take sides. “We’re not here to change minds,” said guitarist John G. “We’re here to blow them.”

Drummer Dan agreed: “Yeah, other artists like Demi and Maroon 5 have made statements about HB2. We’re not trying to dishonor them. Really, it’s our hope that this tour makes people excited about HB2. It’s totally opened all kinds of doors for us.” Lead singer Eric and keyboardist Arya were Unavailable for comment, as they were writing a new song, “HB2 Dreams Come True.”

Here’s 1MW’s schedule so far. It’ll grow as more shows are canceled. Cross your fingers!

March 10, 2016 — Raleigh, NC
March 20, 2016 — Raleigh, NC
May 4, 2016 — Greensboro, NC
May 5, 2016 — Charlotte, NC
May 6, 2016 — Raleigh, NC
June 18, 2016 — Cary, NC
June 30, 2016 — Charlotte, NC
July 2, 2016 — Raleigh, NC
September 11, 2016 — Charlotte, NC
September 12, 2016 — Raleigh, NC
February 19, 2017 — Charlotte, NC

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