Gillette spots lack Olympic mettle - McKinney

Gillette spots lack Olympic mettle

July 15, 2016

By Alan Hart

I love the Olympics. Really! It’s one of the few times my wife and I get to see our sports (swimming and wrestling) on TV. It’s also a time when marketers get a chance to shine or fade into the background. With ads now starting to be released, who will stand out?

Gillette’s 3 minute film capturing the grit and grind Olympic athletes endure to become the world’s best caught my eye this week. In many ways it embodies the images of sport and what it means to be a man (and woman) today — balancing life’s demands.

Ad Age is reporting that the Gillette Team won the coveted 60-second spot reserved by P&G Global Brand Officer Marc Pritchard and the corporate Olympic marketing team that will run during the opening ceremonies on NBC August 5.

Applause is in order here. The music, the grit, the emotion, even the not-so-subtle shaving cameos.

BUT, then I saw the 30-second ad that will likely run on TV sometime during the Olympic coverage. Borrowing from the now famous tagline, it is not the best Gillette could get. It was a major buzz kill.

Team Gillette, there is still time to fix this. Give us :30s and :60s with the same raw emotion you gave in the 3-minute film. You just might convince me to shop you again instead of the mail-order razor supplier I use today. Sell me the desire to do more in my life versus simply aspiring to experience your gel strip advantage.

You don’t have to look too far in the P&G portfolio for a better example. Head & Shoulders is connecting with an emotional story arc while delivering a product message that just feels less forced. If you need an example with your own athlete’s, then look no further than Chobani with Ashton Eaton in :30s and :15s versions.

You created such a beautiful idea that needs to be further celebrated in the TV spots. We homebound fans deserve that much. Give us want we want and we just might desire your full line of products even more.