Laura Tierney helps Olympic medalists win at social media - McKinney

Laura Tierney helps Olympic medalists win at social media

May 20, 2016

Just because you’re a world-renowned athlete doesn’t mean you know how to master Snapchat or a 140-character tweet. That’s why the U.S. Olympic Athletes Advisory Council (AAC) asked for Laura Tierney’s help. Combining her sports leadership experience with her professional career in social media at McKinney and ESPN, Laura is the perfect fit.

This Saturday, May 21, Laura will coach Olympic athletes and world champions on personal branding and social excellence, online fundraising, and using social media to support career transitions. The one-hour session is part of a two-day AAC workshop attended by athlete representatives across all Olympic teams.

“It’s an honor to be helping Olympic medalists,” said Laura. “It’s no question: Social can be one of the most powerful tools for an athlete, both during their Olympic career and after they retire their jersey. We’ll be discussing how they can use social media for good, in ways that fuel both their personal and professional ambitions.”

Laura was a former U.S. Field Hockey athlete, became a four-time All-American at Duke, worked in social media at ESPN, and now leads social media strategy at McKinney. She also co-created Socializ’d, our subscription newsletter delivered to inboxes each Monday morning covering what happened in social media the previous week for brands, marketers and agencies.

Outside of McKinney, she is a nationally recognized leader at coaching teenagers and parents, college and Olympic athletes, and business leaders to win the game of social media by using platforms positively and powerfully. She also serves as the social media coach for the Women’s Sports Foundation’s professional advisory group. Laura’s ambition is to provide social media education for teenagers in schools around the nation. Her unique and effective approach focuses on sharing the do’s of social media, rather than only harping on the don’ts.

The Athletes Advisory Council is responsible for broadening communication between the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and active athletes. Its aim is to communicate the interests and protect the rights of athletes, in cooperative support of the USOC achieving its mission.