Agency leaders speak at UNC Next World Media Symposium - McKinney

Agency leaders speak at UNC Next World Media Symposium

November 18, 2015

The tagline for last week’s University of North Carolina event, the third of its kind, was “All the Mad Men are Dead.” And it’s true. Advertising is evolving quickly, and three McKinneyites joined others onstage to talk about how and why.

First, GAD Gretchen Walsh and ECD Liz Paradise teamed up to talk about their combined 35 years at McKinney. Later, GCD Stevie Archer explained how and why the copywriter’s role has changed. Though each shared part of their personal story and focused on how much has changed, they also gave the mostly student audience timeless truths, such as the importance of working with people you like and the undeniable fact that shit happens.

UNC posted the entire symposium on YouTube. We’ve cued it up to start with Liz and Gretchen. Fast-forward to 1:54:19 to watch Stevie’s talk.

Both talks were well received and shared on social media. From when to break the rules to how to explain what you do for a living to your parents, bite-size summaries were tweeted about each talk. We pulled the best of the best.

Notes on Liz and Gretchen:

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Notes on Stevie:

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