Director of Media Swapnil Patel presents to UNC Ad Club - McKinney

Director of Media Swapnil Patel presents to UNC Ad Club

October 19, 2015

On Oct. 13, Director of Media Swapnil Patel presented to the UNC Ad Club in the Halls of Fame room of Carroll Hall. His topic was how smart media placement makes creative stronger.

As the room filled with aspiring advertisers, who naturally had a lot of questions about getting started, he shared some simple advice. “If you’re smart, curious and have an interest in solving problems, you can succeed in advertising,” Patel said.

Swap launched into some light philosophy about how the medium is the message. Or, rather, the medium is the massage, according to the book by Marshall McLuhan that helped define modern communications. The medium itself influences the message as much as, if not more, than the content itself. Consider watching a movie in the dark in a theater versus in your home. The ambience of the environment shapes the way the content gets consumed.

“Ok, I’ll come back to the present. Let’s talk about some work,” he continued.

Swap talked about how we have two options as advertisers. We could force someone to see an ad. We could repeat a message over and over until they cannot ignore us. Or, we could create something that they invite into their lives. The audience’s experience is totally different if they’re choosing to see the ad, compared to being unable to ignore it. It’s more influential, and that’s our mission, to influence through creativity.

He talked about how at McKinney, there’s no one “McKinney” style. Our media plans are all unique to the client problem, who their audience is, and how our creative and strategic ideas can be brought to life.

Students, want to learn more about how a campaign comes together? As a reminder, our spring Mternship application is open until Nov. 1. Hop to it.