ACD Jon Lazar on winning team at Plan it Day - McKinney

ACD Jon Lazar on winning team at Plan it Day

October 5, 2015

Last week was Advertising Week in New York City. Though it was a busy one for the industry, we weren’t too busy to do some good. Maybe even a lot of good.

On Thursday, October 1, people invited from many agencies took part in The Drum’s Plan It Day New York. It began with MTV, the Advertising Council, the UN and Help, among other organizations, giving a brief that could, as The Drum reported, “change the world in a day.”

McKinney ACD Jon Lazar was invited to be on the team given the following briefs:

Help solve U.S. awareness for the refugee crisis for the UN
Fix gender inequality for MTV
“I was paired with account executives from Iris and The Partners,” he explained. “We worked on both causes for about an hour and a half each, and later we presented our ideas and were judged by a panel of clients.”

Though his team did not present the winning idea to the UN, the idea they pitched to MTV was “eaten up” by the judges. “We proposed owning a week, potentially restaurant week, in NYC during which waiters switch gender behavior when serving their customers. For example, they pull out the chair for the man to sit in, take his order first and give the check to the woman,” Jon said. “Hidden cameras will catch footage of couples’ responses.”

On November 2, Do It Day, the team will regroup and execute everything, once again, in one day. Jon suspects that MTV will be sending designers to help them.

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