McKinney hires the industry’s youngest art director - McKinney

McKinney hires the industry’s youngest art director

July 13, 2015

Glenn Green, a 12-year-old who completed his sixth year at Maureen Joy Charter School in May, has been hired to work as a McKinney intern on the 2015 Triangle Corporate Battle of the Bands, specifically to design and promote a new award for the September event. He starts today and reports to Associate Creative Director Ellen Springer, who said, “Glenn’s creativity and drive make him a natural addition to our Battle team, and we look forward to working with him.”

Yes, he is 12. Maybe we should back up.

On June 3, the Emily K. Center posted a photo of Glenn on Facebook with his “My Future” statement saying that he wants “to become an art director because it involves things in which I excel.” Those things are art and technology. He then laid out his plan for starting a career as an AD:

“I will get there by going to colleges like the Art Institute because it meets the criteria of my job. Also, I will need more experience in building my abilities…. Finally, I could find a way to get to know somebody who is an art director. They will help me to decide whether or not the job is right for me.”

We are hiring and his parents agreed, so we have Glenn for a whole week. Keep track of him on the agency’s Instagram and Facebookaccounts. At some point we will set him loose with a GoPro and the 3-D printer (not at the same time). It’s going to be a great week!