Twitter names Travelocity a #CreativeFavorite - McKinney

Twitter names Travelocity a #CreativeFavorite

December 15, 2014

A few times each year since 2012, the Twitter Advertising Blog features campaigns that used Twitter in unusually innovative ways, and McKinney’s work for Travelocity was honored as a #CreativeFavorite last month. In a November 19 post, Diana Bach highlighted three Travelocity campaigns that used “personal, never-been-done-before interactions to delight and assist trip planners.”

The #iWannaGo campaign used one-on-one interactions with @RoamingGnome on Twitter to impact hundreds of thousands of people. Over the summer, the choose-your-own-adventure #MemorialDayRoam campaign used custom links to 51 tweets and eight private Twitter accounts to help travelers decide where to go over the long weekend. And just before Shark Week, revealed the location of the nearest shark and offered deals on travel destinations nearby (for the brave) and far away (for the timid).

“Our success with Travelocity and the Roaming Gnome comes from combining a rich, unique personality with compelling interactive experiences,” says Social Media Manager Laura Suchoski. “Some brands tack on social media at the very end of developing a big idea. At McKinney, we’re about influence through creativity, and influence means compelling, engaging, groundbreaking ideas that are social by design. We don’t simply add on social. Shareable and engaging experiences are at the heart of what we do. And that’s what you see with the Gnome’s presence on Twitter each and every day.”

Chief Digital Officer Jim Russell agrees and adds, “We are in great company with the other #CreativeFavorite agencies — Deep Focus, Pitch, Droga5 and BBDO New York. I’m very proud of McKinney, our decade-long relationship with Travelocity, and the innovative, creative work we continue do together.”

Each campaign was a success for the client, and with Twitter’s #CreativeFavorite designation, they’re a success for McKinney, too.