GingerbreadBNB helps homeless New York families through Robin Hood - McKinney

GingerbreadBNB helps homeless New York families through Robin Hood

December 12, 2014

At McKinney, we are entrepreneurs at heart, and everyone is encouraged to innovate. And this holiday season, we wanted to make something that would instantly get people in the holiday spirit at the press of a button and make them feel good about giving in honor of clients, partners, family and friends.

So we built, where you can book a virtual stay for yourself or someone else at one of three gingerbread houses for as little as $5 a night. All of the money raised at GingerbreadBNB is going to New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization, Robin Hood. Every $100 raised means one night of shelter for a New York family.

Maybe you’re thinking it sounds like Airbnb with a charitable, candy cane twist. You’re right! The site shows interior and exterior photos of the rentals, each made by a gingerbread artist and photographed in our Durham office. Interested vacationers can read about the properties’ features, amenities and rules, as well as reviews from previous renters. With social media buttons on each home’s page, sharing is a nutmeg-scented breeze.

A long weekend in the Rustic Cabin with graham cracker kitchen counters not your thing? Check out the Cozy Camper with a spare cookie tire (for emergency eating only). And remember, you can book them for someone else, too — perhaps you’d like to buy a couple nights at the “gluten-free” Modern House with a sugar-glass pool and fully stocked gummy bar for your best friend.

Whatever candy crib you choose, you’ll be helping Robin Hood give New Yorkers in need a safe, warm place to stay. Since its founding, Robin Hood has raised more than $1.95 billion in dollars, goods and services to provide hundreds of the most effective soup kitchens, homeless shelters, schools, job-training programs and other vital services that give New York’s neediest citizens the tools they need to build better lives.

Thanks and Happy Holidays from everyone at McKinney!