Mizuno Baton brings in big bucks for Back on My Feet - McKinney

Mizuno Baton brings in big bucks for Back on My Feet

August 29, 2014

Our app-based program for Mizuno Running to benefit Back on My Feet ended this week with thousands of sore legs and a pile of sweaty clothes. Starting on May 19, Android and iPhone owners could download the Mizuno Baton app, activate it to log as many miles as they could in one week, and watch their miles turn into dollars for the nonprofit that “uses running to help those experiencing homelessness transform their own lives and achieve employment and independent living.”

The last day to run was August 26. This is what happened:

— 87,458 miles were logged — that’s the equivalent of running around the world more than three times

— Mizuno Running donated $87,458 to Back on My Feet

— 14,740 folks in the U.S. and Canada downloaded the app

— 35.2% of those who downloaded the app activated it

— 1,519 images were uploaded to the program’s online hub, IfEverybodyRan.com (this includes pics of happy dog runners, too)

— Just under half of the runners who activated the Mizuno Baton joined the Mezamashii Run Project, a community of dedicated runners who believe that running can change people’s lives

“The match of Mizuno and Back on my Feet was perfect,” said Account Executive John Sokolowski. “The nonprofit’s mission, to use running to help people transform their lives, is exactly what Mizuno believes. It was a no-brainer partnership.”

Josh Souter, a creative technologist who helped design the Mizuno Baton app, reflected on a technical reason behind the app’s success. “Rather than trying to reinvent Nike+, we went in knowing that app usage generally drops off after a week, so we built the app with obsolescence built in: The app ended one week after it was activated. This time constraint, along with the leader board, drove great competition, with some runners logging 200+ miles — in seven days. I have a friend who ran 70 miles more than he typically does!”

The nonprofit is, of course, grateful for the donation and the exposure. As a thank you, a group of Back on My Feet runners in Atlanta made a video of them chanting before their 4:30 AM run, something they do every time. Click play at the top of the page to watch.