MIXX Awards screener Mike Manganillo talks social, mobile and Metallica - McKinney

MIXX Awards screener Mike Manganillo talks social, mobile and Metallica

August 7, 2014

MIXX Awards finalists are announced tomorrow, August 8, and as an award entry screener this year, Group Media Director Mike Manganillo played a major role in determining who is on that list. Over a nearly two-week period, all entries are evaluated by senior marketing and media professionals who rate them in four areas. The five entries with the highest scores in each category are MIXX Award finalists.

“I’m always looking to see if what we’re doing at McKinney is as good as it can be, and being a member of the MIXX Awards screening committee gave me a chance to spend a chunk of time learning about 25 pieces of work from other agencies around the world,” said Mike. “That global perspective was one of the biggest surprises for me. It seemed like agencies in other countries were doing more creative things than U.S. agencies.”

Though he did not come across anything groundbreaking, he was delighted to see old ideas used in new ways. For example, he recalls a battery brand that targeted mobile phone users only when their phones’ power was down to just 20 percent. A brand that used GPS to track products, not consumers, also got Mike’s attention.

“A mobile component was common across all entries, which makes since that’s where advertising is going. Even if a campaign wasn’t mobile-focused, there was always a way for consumers to engage with it on their phones or tablets,” Mike recalled. “Same with social — this was the most common method of extending a brand’s conversation and often involved a dedicated hashtag.”

One surprise was that experiential marketing is gaining traction. “Brands are more interested in offering custom experiences that consumers can’t buy, like the Metallica concert held in a dome in Antarctica.”(Thankfully anyone can watch the entire concert online from someplace, any place, warmer.)

In a few weeks, an independent jury, which includes McKinney CEO Brad Brinegar, will meet for a day of intense debate to select the 2014 winners. Both Brad and Mike will attend the 10th Annual MIXX Awards Gala in New York on Tuesday, September 30.