Prologue Games started inside McKinney, celebrates one year - McKinney

Prologue Games started inside McKinney, celebrates one year

July 22, 2014

Colin Dwan worked at McKinney for almost three years before his passion for making interactive entertainment drove him to start his own company called Prologue Games. “I had an idea of what I wanted to make, used some extra money to get some folks together to write a script, and saw an opportunity to pursue my dream job,” said Colin. We wished Colin well in August 2013, and then we welcomed him back.

“I knew McKinney had a lot going on, so I asked if could continue to help on minor projects while I got my business up and running, so I was at 318 Blackwell Street in Durham pretty often.” Though Colin continues to help McKinney maintain a client website, he now pays a monthly fee to use a pod of desks and access the meeting rooms.

Joni Madison, chief operating officer of McKinney, explains, “We have the space, and we wanted to use it creatively to help another local business.” The canine cognition company Canines, Inc. is also housed in McKinney, and we continue to serve as their advertising agency.

McKinney desks and rooms will be filled with more Prologue Games staff very soon. Group Creative Director Philip Marchington’s son, Mathias Marchington, has been working as a paid intern to help with concept art since June. Wes Platt, a journalist and computer-game designer who worked with Colin at Icarus Studios on MMORPG “Fallen Earth,” joined the startup in July as a writer/designer. And three more employees, a programmer, a PR manager and an environment artist, start next month.

What are they making? “Knee Deep,” an episodic interactive storytelling experience. “It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure on steroids,” explains Colin. “Players may not control every action, but they affect how the interpersonal drama unfolds in each two-hour episode.” He likens it, in mechanics only, to the adventure game “The Walking Dead,” which is based on the AMC program by the same name. “It’s a crafted experience, so for each player a different story is told.”

Prologue Games is planning to release “Knee Deep” in 2015, with a teaser reveal this September. This means Colin and his team have a lot to do. Thankfully, the rent covers coffee, too.