Pro bono work for UMD wins third One Show Interactive Pencil - McKinney

Pro bono work for UMD wins third One Show Interactive Pencil

May 5, 2014

Names for Change, our latest work for Urban Ministries of Durham, has won a silver One Show Interactive Pencil in the Design Craft category this year. In 2012, the online game SPENT, also created for UMD, earned one gold and one silver Interactive Pencil, as well as a silver for Branded Content. Those who benefit most from this work live nearby the agency’s Durham, North Carolina, office, either at the shelter or in their own homes, thanks to those who have donated through or bought naming rights at

This year, the One Show is inviting creative leaders from each silver and bronze Pencil-winning agency to present their award-winning work during an all-day Digital Thought Leadership program at Creative Week. McKinney Art Director Nick Jones will be presenting McKinney’s work for UMD on May 7 at 10:00 AM.

Gold pencils are awarded at the end of the week at what is now the one and only One Show, on May 9. McKinney Group Creative Director Liz Paradise was a member of this year’s One Show jury in the Advertising category.

Congratulations to the Names for Change team!