Fore! Team JPX’s first members tee up their stories of transformation - McKinney

Fore! Team JPX’s first members tee up their stories of transformation

February 24, 2014

Golf is not just a game, and the right clubs are not simply game-changers. Golf can also change lives, and the stories of 2014 Team JPX members and hopefuls in this year’s Play Famously campaign prove it. The first two members were announced today, and videos about each were posted to Mizuno Golf’s YouTube page. Congratulations, Jeremy Thee and Tony Taylor!

Hundreds of other stories from team hopefuls are posted at, and like Jeremy’s and Tony’s stories, many will surprise and inspire you. Take Anthony, a special agent for the U.S. government serving in Afghanistan, who hits balls to take his mind “away from work, missing my wife, and the passing time away from my young daughter.” For Dominic, golf helps him cope with life: “As long as I’m playing golf, watching golf, thinking about golf, I’m sober.”

Team JPX will use Mizuno’s newest game-improvement irons, the JPX EZs. The clubs’ sweet spot is the largest in golf, which makes them perfect for someone who has never played before. The sweet spot is also what inspired a McKinney creative team to take this year’s campaign in a transformative direction.

“We got to thinking about how it feels to make great shots on the course and how the JPX EZ makes that possible for more golfers than other starter clubs,” explains Art Director Burke Lauderdale. “But the feeling of accomplishment doesn’t end when you leave the course. You’re going to feel better about yourself, and that can change your life.”

Will Chambliss, an associate creative director, explains, “People think Mizuno clubs are for expert golfers only, so we wanted to hear stories about what golf means to average players — not about how good or how bad you are at the game.” Though shooting a great game is its own reward, Burke insists, “It’s not about what you shoot, it’s about what you take away from the game. These clubs will help you with challenges on the golf course, which will teach you how to face challenges off the golf course.” The Team JPX stories are proof, and many compare playing golf to living life: You get yourself into a mess and you have to figure out how to get out of it.

Tell Mizuno how golf has changed your life at through July 11. The campaign’s culminating event, 2014 JPX Invitational, will once again take place in September at the Country Club of the South in Johns Creek, Georgia.