New marketing book includes chapter by McKinney CEO - McKinney

New marketing book includes chapter by McKinney CEO

January 21, 2014

Kogan Page recently published “Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems: Creating Connected Customer Experiences,” and Chapter 3 was written by Brad Brinegar. Titled Holistic design for consumer engagement, the chapter details six design matters that agencies must address in order to move from TV-centricity to cross-channel thinking.

This, Brad argues in the introduction, is necessary for successful multichannel marketing: “A cross-channel, conversationally integrated approach requires a very different ecosystem. It is more complex, growing vastly more difficult to manage with each new touch point. It involves aligning the efforts of a wide range of experts, often from a wider range of organizations.” How can agencies make this integration possible?

The chapter’s first recommendation is to cultivate a different view of how people and brands interact now and in the future. The key is using paid, earned, owned and shared media tools to “seed and nurture ideas.” Then, you must listen and respond to the conversations that result. “Marketers who are successful with this approach assume that the fruit of their extra efforts…comes from giving meaning to their brands and adding more value to the conversation than they seek in return. Their goal is to develop a relationship between people and their brands…”

Using a media-neutral approach is another recommendation. Brad argues that TV-centric thinking endures because we’ve been doing it for more than 50 years. Because it’s a linear process. Because spending loads of money on a TV idea makes the related work easier to think about, since it must have the same look and feel. Brad recalls the development of connection planning and explains how that approach has evolved into a conversation ecosystem, which maps how each point of contact interacts with the others.

The chapter ends by recommending that those at the top make the first move. “The fastest way to make anything radical happen in an organization is to lead from the top with clear, measureable goals. It’s the only way to make integration happen.” Read his other recommendations for integration, as well as chapters written by other agency leaders, by buying the book through Kogan Page or Amazon.

The book’s editors, Markus Stahlberg and Ville Maila, also published a book about shopper marketing in 2012, also with Kogan Page.