Agency interview don’ts from CEO Brad Brinegar - McKinney

Agency interview don’ts from CEO Brad Brinegar

November 11, 2013

When Digiday reporter Saya Weissman was working on a story about what not to say at an agency interview, she asked Brad Brinegar for his biggest pet peeves or turnoffs. We weren’t all that surprised to read his answer, but only a portion of it made it into Saya’s article. Here are the rest of Brad’s agency interview don’ts:

1. Don’t think you’re coming to an agency in North Carolina to dial it back.

“Yes, McKinney is a good place for people who are tired of the hassles of big-city living. But the reason to come to McKinney is to work your ass off trying to produce the best work of your career AND still have a great life outside the agency.”

2. Don’t dump on former clients, colleagues or employers.

“You’re talking to us about a job, so you’re obviously looking for something you’re not getting from your current situation. But when you start dissing others, I have to wonder if you take responsibility for your own actions, and whether you’re going to be dissing us sometime down the road.”

3. Don’t be a mercenary.

“We believe our culture is a competitive weapon, that hiring great people who want to do great things together helps set us apart as a brand. I’m not looking for guns for hire. I’m always looking to build a team.”