Meet the McKinney ghost - McKinney

Meet the McKinney ghost

November 4, 2013

After weeks of evidence collection, paranormal testing and broadcasting a live séance with medium Melissa Peil, we finally know who’s haunting McKinney. His name is Walter Quick. According to the website, “Walter was first identified in a 2011 Ouija board session. His name resurfaced when psychic medium Melissa Peil visited our space on October 30, 2013. Her readings identified Walter as the man in the fedora that several McKinney employees have seen roaming in throughout the Reed and Strickland buildings since 2004.”

With thousands of visitors spending an average of almost seven minutes on during the month of October, people were riveted to know who stalks the halls of McKinney’s office at the American Tobacco Campus. “The investigations were a blast and our team started to gel early in the project,” said McKinney Art Director Jordan Eakin. “Though there were only a few moments during our time with the psychic medium that were truly unexplainable, the overall experience was a share-worthy, seasonally relevant piece that won the praise of FWA, Digiday and Google.” To watch a recording of our live broadcast, review all of the evidence and form your own theory, visit the site.