Mizuno’s Wave Prophecy 3 is Super/Natural - McKinney

Mizuno’s Wave Prophecy 3 is Super/Natural

October 25, 2013

Today, Mizuno is unveiling its most advanced, most dynamic running shoe experience ever — the Wave Prophecy 3. By maximizing Mizuno’s proprietary Wave Technology across the entire shoe, runners report feeling as if they are being propelled forward by a force greater than themselves. This “Super/Natural” experience is unmatched and transforms any normal run into a supernatural run. (It is October, after all.)

As a sneak peek, Mizuno rewarded select members of the Mezamashii Run Project with the chance to try this transcendental and amazing-looking shoe. McKinney created three teaser spots that launched mid-month and helped set the stage for what Mizuno promises is “the ride of your life.” Today, a one-minute short film, “SuperNatural Mix,” fully unveils the Wave Prophecy 3. Directed by Michael Lawrence, the cinematic teasers and short film are beautifully crafted, celebrating the Wave Prophecy 3 and the endless quest for Mezamashii.