Josh Carlton speaks at UNC’s School of Journalism - McKinney

Josh Carlton speaks at UNC’s School of Journalism

September 30, 2013

McKinney Planning Director Josh Carlton was at UNC’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication on Thursday, September 26, where he spoke to a mix of graduate and undergraduate students about new ways to be insightful and how to use insights to spark great creative ideas. The professor leading the Market Intelligence class, JoAnn Sciarrino, is the Knight Chair in Digital Advertising and Marketing at UNC and former VP of BBDO North America. “I’ve invited her to speak at McKinney in the past, and last week I was able to return the favor and have a great discussion with some very bright students,” said Josh.

The room was filled with roughly two-dozen graduate and undergraduate students. “I gave them a behind-the-scenes look at one of our more recent campaigns for Mizuno Running, the Mezamashii Run Project,” he explained. He shared the assignment brief, as well as the segmentation and tracking studies provided by the client, and then talked about how the McKinney team used that data as a foundation to write an unusual creative brief. “We interpreted the client’s own data in ways they weren’t expecting in order to sell an uncommon marketing idea — one we firmly believed would be successful. Mizuno ultimately agreed,” said Josh, “and the Mezamashii Run Project has indeed been a great success.”

Students asked their own insightful questions, like how to propose ideas that can seem risky to a client and how to leave your personal biases about a brand or category out of your business/marketing decision-making process. And when the class was dismissed, a few even tweeted their gratitude: “Blown away daily by the opportunities provided by @UNCJschool. Thanks @joshcarlton for coming to speak to our Market Intelligence class.”