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Samsung and McKinney Experiential Marketing help launch smart watch and Galaxy Note 3

September 20, 2013

Congratulations to McKinney’s New York-based Experiential Marketing Team that produced “Samsung Unpacked Episode 2,” the talked-about event in Times Square that launched the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch and new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. Held September 3, the event in New York was a simultaneous collaboration with Berlin’s Unpacked Episode 2 event where Samsung was introducing its next generation of products.

More than 8,000 people filled Times Square to experience firsthand Samsung’s third-generation, big-screen Galaxy Note 3 and the hotly anticipated smart watch. “We feel like James Bond,” Icona Pop’s Aino Jawo told Mashable. The gadget-loving, Swedish music duo tried out the gear and performed “In the Stars,” a mash-up remix of their new song “In the Stars” and Samsung’s “Over the Horizon.”

McKinney Experiential Marketing spearheaded the New York event from concepting and design through execution. They worked with countless city officials and departments to secure the entire Times Square space, one of the most converted and high-profile venues in the country, if not the globe. The team oversaw the design, branding and construction of the stage and Galaxy Studio, which was a giant cube with automated walls that opened. As script and run of show managers, the team created the event script for the emcee and Icona Pop. The entire show — from artist performance to technical direction and live streaming to Berlin — was handled by the McKinney team. It was a huge success with excellent client feedback both locally and abroad.

“We knew this project would be a challenge with all of the moving parts and working in Times Square, but it was welcomed by the whole team. The goal was to find a way to engage consumers and give them an experience with the new products, and that’s where the Galaxy Studio and Icona Pop performance came into play. It was rewarding for all of us to have a hand in helping Samsung successfully launch the Galaxy Gear smart watch and Galaxy Note 3 in such a huge way,” says Aubrey Jones of the Experiential Marketing team.