Jordan Clayton-Hall published in UX Magazine - McKinney

Jordan Clayton-Hall published in UX Magazine

June 17, 2013

In an article for UX Magazine published last week, Director of Experience Design Jordan Clayton-Hall begins by defining a “user” as someone who simply uses a thing or a system. The Web, therefore, is just one space where this happens. It also happens on kitchen counters, in art galleries, on Xboxes and in front of beer-dispensing arcade games. And all user experience professionals, regardless of what experience are designing for, focus on three things: empathy, creativity and systems thinking.

Called “Embracing the UX Spectrum,” the article details how each area of focus is considered when designing everything from the Alessi Lemon Juicer and the Guggenheim Museum of New York to “Call of Duty” and McKinney’s beercade, which was today shortlisted for a Cannes Lion.

Read the entire article here.