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Daniele Fiandaca speaks at El Sol about McKinney’s use of innovation

June 13, 2013

At the El Sol Festival in Spain late last month, Cheil’s Head of Innovation Daniele Fiandaca spoke about innovation in advertising. “I’d love to say that Bilbao was nice, but it was raining most of the time,” reports Daniele. What he is able to say is that he shared some of the innovative goings-on at McKinney with some of the conference-goers.

For example, Dognition: “I talked about the fact that through investing in a business and then marketing it yourself, McKinney has been able to fully appreciate what it is like to market a product that you feel is more than just a client,” he said. “Also, by actually getting involved at the startup phase and being part of a new business venture, McKinney has learned to appreciate the need to be agile and respond quickly, which has helped in making your other products, including those for your existing clients, better.”

Also, the McKinney Ten Percent: After explaining how the program works and how it has helped deliver some of McKinney’s best ideas, Daniele specifically mentioned the fact that the copywriter who came up with the idea for Chip It!, the browser-based color chip app made for Sherwin-Williams, was passionate about Pinterest. “This reiterated an earlier point I’d made about how we come up with better ideas when we’re naturally part of the ecosystem that would use the resulting product,” remembered Daniele.

And finally, the need for agencies to look outside their existing networks: As he prepared to speak at El Sol, Daniele emailed McKinney Chief Innovation Officer Jim Russell, who mentioned Steven Johnson’s book “Where Good Ideas Come From: A Natural History of Innovation.” One of the central themes of that book is that more diverse networks produce more leading ideas faster. Daniele took that to El Sol and recalled how he “talked about how McKinney is diversifying its own networks by involving academics from Duke University and record label managers from Merge Records — both local organizations and both creative disciplines — into your process.”

Created in 1986, the El Sol Festival is an initiative of the Spanish Association of Advertising Communication Agencies designed to boost the creativity of Spanish advertising with a conference and awards that identify the best campaigns. In 2003, festival organizers opened the event to the participation of all countries with Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking populations, including the United States. Today over 2,500 pieces of advertising are submitted for award consideration, and more than 1,500 people attend the festival. The aim of El Sol has always been to improve the advertising profession.

To see the slides from Daniele’s presentation, click here.