Brad tells UNC ad students failure is an option - McKinney

Brad tells UNC ad students failure is an option

April 18, 2013

UNC ad students did not expect the CEO of a national ad agency to tell them it’s OK to fail. But that’s exactly what McKinney Chairman and CEO Brad Brinegar told a roomful of UNC Ad Club members at their spring meeting. “Failure does not have the stigma it used to have,” he said. “Only be afraid to fail if you didn’t try hard enough or push hard enough.”

Brad shared how McKinney has pushed itself to bring consumers and brands together in powerful, unexpected ways, including the Effie-winning Mezamashii Run Project for Mizuno USA, the pinner’s dream tool Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams, and the first beer-dispensing arcade game, “The Last Barfighter.” “My biggest piece of advice? Whatever you do, don’t worry about what you’ll be doing next year or the next,” said Brad. “Dive in deep now. You’ll soar if you treat every opportunity this way.”

UNC Ad Club President Sofia Morales had praise for Brad and McKinney “The way I felt tonight is how I hope our members leave after every meeting — excited about the industry and with a drive to pursue different opportunities. It was a perfect close to what has been a great year for the club.”