Duke students get schooled on strategy and creativity - McKinney

Duke students get schooled on strategy and creativity

April 5, 2013

McKinney Associate Creative Director Meg Sewell and Ad Operations Coordinator Lauren Brown were invited to speak to Duke Professor Martha Reeve’s Markets and Marketing class Tuesday, April 2, about what exactly goes on at an ad agency — from strategy to creative.

A Duke graduate, Lauren shared what attracted her to advertising and how strategically savvy agencies are with digital marketing today. “The students were really interested in the targeting capabilities of digital ads, as well as the pros and cons for consumers who are being cookied.” She also discussed the role of account planning in targeting consumers. “No matter how creative an ad is, if your targeting is off, it won’t be effective,” she said.

Meg showed examples of good ads and bad ads, both print and TV spots, reminding students that creating a bad ad costs as much as creating a good one. “I also talked about the creative process,” said Meg, “and how the creative teams at McKinney work together to generate ideas, as well as the importance of resilience.”

The Markets and Marketing class is a required core course for students earning Duke’s Markets & Management Studies Certificate. McKinney’s Chief Operating Officer Joni Madison spoke to the same class in March.