McKinney's SXSWi report - McKinney

McKinney’s SXSWi report

March 13, 2013

For the fourth year in a row, McKinney sent a band of digitally curious guys and gals to SXSWi. This year, six McKinneyites hopped a plane for the digital mecca and joined the nearly 50,000 tech-hungry pilgrims who trekked to the Lone Star State this past weekend. They may have left their cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats at home, but considering the massive amounts of #sxsw tweets over the past four days, sxsw-ers had their smartphones strapped higher on their hips than John Wayne wore his Smith & Wesson, pilgrim.

Let’s take a look at a few highlights of what McKinney captured, photographed, analyzed and discussed while at South By Southwest Interactive 2013:

Carmen Bocanegra started off SXSWi by taking a fan photo with a celebrity monkey.

And Gail Marie ran into the “Free Beer” leotard guy (almost as famous as 7-foot-tall Curious George).

Nick Faber learned the ABCs of South By Southwest: Always Be Charging.

Meg Sewell analyzed the 2013 trending panels. Or are they panel trends?

Post-panel write-up — Quantified Year: 365 Days of Tracking Everything.

“Paper devices only, please.”

More leotards and tights for Gail. Only this time at a sick dance party.

Transportation: The ultimate SXSW challenge. However, the #UseMeLeaveMe bikes were a nice addition.

Post-panel write-up — Chuck Lorre: In conversation with Neil Gaiman.

Post-panel write-up — Show & Smell: Marketing Experiences Beyond Visual.

Post-panel write-up — Industrial Revolution: 3.0. And the Future of 3-D Printing.

Post-panel write-up — Let Conscience Be Your Guide: Moral Design.

A tweet recap of Gail Marie’s panel, Slap My Words Up: Language in the Digital World.

“My last day at SXSWi 2013” by Gail Marie.