Brad visits Duke Marketing Club - McKinney

Brad visits Duke Marketing Club

November 5, 2012

The Duke Marketing Club got an up close look at what it’s like to work at McKinney from CEO Brad Brinegar, who recently visited the campus as a participant in the club’s “Big Week in Marketing.” Brad’s presentation gave the 40 students in attendance an overview of what sets McKinney apart from other agencies — such as its collaborative and entrepreneurial culture focused on reinvention as well as its digital and integration leadership.

“Mr. Brinegar’s presentation was interesting and inspired almost everyone in the crowd to want to work at McKinney,” said Olivia Wax, vice president of events for the club. “ His presentation both showcased some of the amazing work that McKinney has done and also highlighted how fun, empowering and great it must be to work at the agency. I was especially impressed with the extremely creative and resourceful Mezamashii Run Project that McKinney created for Mizuno. I was also impressed by all of the different strategies McKinney uses to reach consumers beyond TV and print advertising. This was especially noticeable in the Audi Art of the Heist campaign and the Sherwin Williams Chip It! app.”

The evening began with an intimate dinner for Brinegar and a handful of Duke undergrads. Also joining were Lauren Brown and Lindsley Baker-Baum, both Duke alums, and Duke students Lauren Budorick and Jenna Goldring, who are both Mterns at the agency.