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McKinney President John Newall wins ANA golf tournament

October 17, 2012

If you can’t picture President John Newall beside Chevy Chase and the dancing gopher in “Caddyshack,” you just don’t know him well enough.

Last week John helped bring home the Association of National Advertisers’ golf tournament trophy at the annual Masters of Marketing conference. Since he didn’t know any of his fellow golfers, he opted for the blind team selection. Thanks to a lucky draw, the team wound up with three solid players and a good driver (that would be John) – the perfect recipe for victory in a scramble-style tournament. The team tied for first place with a 12 under gross score before solidifying the win in the second hole of a scorecard playoff.

John won his choice of clubs, but he’s more pleased with the bragging rights. “I’m happier about the glory of winning. I just like winning,” he said. “Whether it was the clubs or whether it was because I wasn’t thinking about it too much, I really enjoyed how I played and will probably end up playing even more.”

Of course, John’s success on the green isn’t really surprising. Good golf isn’t that different from good advertising: “Patience is essential because you’re going to have some good holes and some bad holes. Sometimes the wind is at your back and sometimes it’s in your face. You have to be able to adapt quickly and have a lot of varied skills to be able to win.”

That means it’s socially acceptable for him to wear his purple golf pants in either setting. Check out John’s purple pants (and his 310-yard drive) at next year’s ANA golf tournament.