Interactive Producer Andy Ives leads UNC seminar class - McKinney

Interactive Producer Andy Ives leads UNC seminar class

September 26, 2012

Andy Ives stays in touch with many of his journalism professors since graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill more than three years ago, and one of them, Dr. Lois Boyton, asked him to come back. Not as a student this time, but as an instructor to juniors and seniors.

For three hours on Friday, September 21, he spoke with students from the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communications about why a personal brand is important to new grads, how the digital space can help them establish their personal brand and which tools they should use to create eye-catching digital presence.

“I made a site using WordPress for the class in lieu of presentation slides, and then showed them how to create pages, add images, embed links and customize a site to their liking,” explained Andy, who also encouraged the students to take the time to understand the tools they choose to use. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, a portfolio site and a blog were some of the tools he discussed. “If you’re not a digital native,” he encouraged, “then become a digital immigrant.”

Andy also covered best practices for going from student to professional, including the benefits of internships, how to gain some business sense and the importance of researching a company before interviewing. “Know the culture, the climate. You’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you,” he advised.