Liz Paradise will speak at 3% Conference - McKinney

Liz Paradise will speak at 3% Conference

September 12, 2012

Where are all the women creative directors? Well, besides being at McKinney (45% of our CDs are female), it’s true they are only at a handful of agencies industrywide. Thankfully, that’s the topic of a conference that’s being held in San Francisco on September 27. The 3% Conference, the first-ever event for female creative directors, will explore the idea that the reason there’s a lack of good advertising to women is that there’s a lack of women creating the advertising.

“The problem with a testosterone-driven creative universe is that it fails to motivate an estrogen-driven marketplace where women control 85% of consumer spending,” says the conference’s founder Kat Gordon. “The lack of women in advertising is typically addressed as an after-thought or during the Q&A portion of a larger conference. Not at this conference. We’ve attracted some of the top men and women in the business to speak on these issues. Agency owners, creative directors, recruiters, advertising students and industry watchers will all be in attendance and ready to share their insights on why our industry is stuck on 3% and what it’s going to make that number a thing of the past.”

Liz will participate in “Is Birth the Death for CDs,” a panel that will explore what it takes to keep agencies from losing their female CDs to motherhood. “I’m happy to participate on the panel but think I am somewhat of an anomaly,” said Liz, whose career and mothering were made famous last spring on “The Pitch,” AMC’s show about agencies winning new business. “I’m at an agency with clients that champion women in creative roles. Hopefully, I can share some of my experiences that have helped me strike a healthy balance at work and at home. I’m looking forward to it!”