Mizuno USA and McKinney announce new campaign, Mezamashii Run Project - McKinney

Mizuno USA and McKinney announce new campaign, Mezamashii Run Project

July 13, 2012

Today Mizuno publically announced the launch of their newest campaign created by McKinney called Mezamashii Run Project, “an organic word-of-mouth running community that brings brilliant running to life.”

Over three months, Mizuno will put thousands of pairs of free shoes on the feet of influential runners and let them do the running, and then the talking. The campaign’s first phase was launched in May through mezamashiirunproject.com. Within hours, runners were tweeting and blogging about their brilliant runs.

Print and banners ads are helping spread the word.

Press Release:

MIZUNO USA RUNNING LAUNCHES THE MEZAMASHII RUN PROJECT Running Community Brings Mizuno’s “A Brilliant Run” Experience to Life

Mizuno USA, Inc., a leader in high-performance running footwear and apparel, announced its public launch of The Mezamashii Run Project, an organic word-of-mouth running community that brings brilliant running to life. This community provides a unique avenue for runners to engage the brand, as well as each other in a way that Mizuno has never done before. “Mezamashii” is a Japanese word that translates to “brilliant” or “eye-opening,” and is deeply rooted in the Japanese heritage of Mizuno, which was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1906.

The Mezamashii Run Project lives on MizunoUSA.com, and is meant to provide members a two-way dialogue with Mizuno, and opportunities to influence the future direction of both product and marketing. By becoming a member, consumers will get designer Q & A sessions, sneak peeks of new Mizuno products, wear-test opportunities, and behind-the-scenes video content. By joining the community, members enter for a chance to win a pair of Mizuno shoes, as well as an all-expenses paid trip to the 2012 Osaka Marathon in Japan, of which Mizuno is an official sponsor.

“The Mezamashii Run Project is a running community that brings the Mizuno experience to you, and helps put Mizuno running shoes on runners’ feet,” said Vicky Wilkens, Brand Marketing Manager, Mizuno USA Running. “We can tell you everything that we want you to know about our shoes, but the Mezamashii Run Project allows runners to come to their own conclusions. We are that confident that our running shoes will speak for themselves.”

The initial phase of The Mezamashii Run Project began back in May, when groups of hand-picked “running influencers” were mailed an exclusive, individually numbered invitation, granting them access to The Mezamashii Community via a secure website. Once registered, invitees could redeem their complimentary pair of Mizuno running shoes, featuring Mizuno’s award-winning and patented Wave® Technology. These founding members were also given the opportunity to invite others into the community to claim to their own footwear. After several weeks of community growth, the next phase of the Mezamashii Run Project begins, where the general public is now invited to join.

“Ultimately, the Mezamashii Run Project is about helping runners enjoy more brilliant running,” said Fritz Taylor, Vice President and General Manager, Mizuno USA Running. “We are excited about the evolution of the campaign, as we bring brilliant running to life. We encourage runners to come join us.”

Mizuno USA’s Advertising agency-of-record, McKinney, developed the unique strategy and overall look and feel of the campaign. Leveraging Mizuno’s Japanese heritage, the campaign embraces the Japanese kanji writing system and poetic haiku, and introduces Zen-like philosophies about running. The campaign includes print and digital advertising, with print media being placed in Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Running Insight and Endurance Sports Media, and digital media on MapMyRun.com, Runner’sWorld.com, Active.com and RunningTimes.com. Another key element of the campaign is the retail experience. Mizuno’s network of running specialty retailers across the country is featuring point-of-purchase and window advertising versions of the campaign. Mizuno USA has charged its Public Relations agency-of-record Leader Enterprises with implementing an all-out public relations blitz that targets a wide variety of national and regional media.

To learn more and join The Mezamashii Run Project, visit: www.mizunousa.com/mezamashiirunproject.