An advertising intern dedicated to innovation - McKinney

An advertising intern dedicated to innovation

June 29, 2012

Marc Mueller is McKinney’s first intern assigned solely to work on our current McKinney Ten Percent projects. We call him the innovation intern.

Hailing from Bremerhaven, Germany, Marc has been in the U.S. since 2010 earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in graphic design in Savannah, Georgia, at SCAD. “I like making connections between things and developing unexpected solutions,” says Marc. “The field of graphic design appeals to me because it is moving away from pretty pictures and instead toward a ‘design thinking’ that requires strategy and methodology.”

This spring the school held a career fair, which is where Marc met McKinney Talent Recruiter Josh Janicek. When Josh told him about McKinney’s innovation internship, Marc new it would be a good fit. “We’ve wanted a innovation intern for a while,” explains Josh, “but this summer’s class of interns is the first for which we were able to find a strong and willing candidate. What the innovation intern works on depends on two things: the active 10% projects and his or her skill set. We can’t wait to see how Marc — and future innovation interns — can help the process.”

Two weeks into the 10-week Mternship, Marc and the other summer interns are fully engaged in their departments, contributing to agency life and learning from those around them, including folks from other departments. “Though I’m not a programmer, I’m helping Art Director Nick Jones with a 10% project and am leaning scripts and Java languages because of it” says Marc. After his interview for this story, Marc was meeting with another intern to train her on InDesign. “The communal spaces at the agency allow sporadic conversation and the free exchange of ideas. I like the ‘anything goes’ atmosphere here.”

If you’re interested in becoming this fall’s innovation Mtern, contact Talent Coordinator Bailey Collins through August 8, 2012.