The Mterns have arrived at McKinney - McKinney

The Mterns have arrived at McKinney

June 6, 2012

Three times a year, a new class of interns spends 10 weeks at McKinney learning what it takes to be a part of an agency creating talked-about, award-winning work. We call them Mterns and are excited to welcome this summer’s class to our office this week!

“Because we’re an independent agency, we can be very selective with our interns,” explains Talent Recruiter Josh Janicek. More than 200 full-time students filled out an intern application and submitted their resume and cover letter. Those who made it through two levels of screening were interviewed via phone or Skype.

Six local applicants came on-site April 18 and were treated to an unusual interviewing process: The Internview. Before and after their official interviews, all six chose to go on camera — the video feed streaming live on Ustream — with hosts Interactive Producer Ben Eckerson and Copywriter David Sloan. For nearly five hours they fielded tweeted questions from online viewers and staged various stunts, while their sideline reporter, Interactive Producer Andy Ives, led “guests” to the agency’s notorious green chairs above which a microphone was suspended.

“We handed one intern candidate a ukulele and asked him to play because his resume said he could — and he did,” remembers Andy. “Another potential Mtern said she’d worked at LEGO, so we asked her to assemble a LEGO house on-camera.”

How did the interviewees feel about such an unusual pre- and post-interview process? Most were nervous at first, but “they were quickly intrigued and relieved. It was a nice way to ease them into their ‘real’ interviews and a good stress-releaser when they were finished,” says Andy. McKinney employees who were once interns were also sat in the green chairs to talk about how interning prepared them for a full-time, permanent position.

While at McKinney, this summer’s Mterns will work on a special client-related project. “Our interns get a very hands-on experience that includes presenting their ideas to partners and senior management,” says Josh. “It’s critical for our interns to make the most of their experience, and we talk with them throughout their 10 weeks about how they can best do that — who they are meeting outside of the departments they’re assigned to, how they are networking at the agency to build relationships that will help them further their career.”

Follow their internship experience at and get to know each Mtern through video biographies to be uploaded throughout the summer.

Welcome to McKinney, Mterns! We’re glad you’re here.