Midweek massages make a difference at McKinney - McKinney

Midweek massages make a difference at McKinney

April 19, 2012

McKinney makes it easy for us to take care of ourselves so that we can keep doing what we love: partnering with our clients to make great work, innovating by taking risks every day, being willing to make mistakes, and learning from and with each other. And our collaborative office space means we spend much of our time interacting. We work hard and we like it that way! But there are some drawbacks.

Sore necks, stiff backs and tense everything else benefit from some extra healing attention every Wednesday from massage therapist Satya Streib. She owns Nataraja Healing Arts, where clients have massages, take yoga classes and get acupuncture. It’s just a couple miles from our front door, but she crosses our threshold each Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 and brings with her a variety of massage techniques, including Thai massage and yogic poses.

“You tell her what’s hurting, and she customizes a massage for you based on what she thinks you need,” explains McKinney Producer Leslie Riley. “When I go in there it’s because I’m in pain and I need someone to rub the pain out.”

The results? Muscle relaxation, increased flexibility, back pain relief and even illness prevention. Leslie concurs: “I definitely feel better afterwards, and that means I can focus on my job and am not fidgeting during meetings, distracting others.”

Sessions with Satya are a $1 a minute, and they sell out every single week.

Other healthy lifestyle options are nearby as well. We’re just yards from a fully outfitted YMCA Wellness Center, a 22-mile greenway called the American Tobacco Trail and restaurants with healthy food options. It’s as fun to work hard at McKinney as it is to stay healthy.