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Mizuno’s Iron Truth campaign hits the sweet spot

April 17, 2012

Mizuno took two risks with The Iron Truth campaign: The ads look very different from every other golf club ad and they focus on the integral role of often-overlooked clubs — irons. But the risks are paying off. In just one month, the campaign’s microsite, theirontruth.com, has been visited more than 19,000 times with the average site visit lasting more than four minutes.

The golf world is talking about the campaign too, including David DeSmith at geareffectgolf.com who writes about the truth of its message. “[W]hile you may use your over­sized (if not over-hyped) driver 14 times in the course of a round, you’ll be reaching for your irons a lot more,” writes DeSmith. “You might not hear angels sing every time you swing one of them, but Mizuno goes to great lengths to make them something special. And that’s the gospel truth.” The campaign has also been covered online at Golf Business Wire and The Tour Van.

The advertising community has praised The Iron Truth as well. In early April, Bestadsontv.com recognized the campaign in their sportswear category for both print and interactive, and the print ads made Ads of the World.

What makes these ads worth talking bout? Readers of magazines like Golf Week and Golf Digest are pleasantly startled when they see the brightly colored stained glass backgrounds and righteous message to follow The Gospel According to Luke. Yes, that’s Luke Donald, the 2011 PGA Tour Player of the Year and Mizuno ambassador. The ads send readers to the microsite where the 10 Mizuno Iron Truths hail the game-changing power of irons.

Consider Truth #5:

Playing the right irons is the most important part of the most important part of your game.

Visitors to theirontruth.com also can learn about and shop for Mizuno clubs. And though only a handful of online banners are now popping up across browser screens, more are coming soon.