McKinney President Jeff Jones is new Target CMO - McKinney

McKinney President Jeff Jones is new Target CMO

April 2, 2012

Over the years, McKinney has produced many of marketing communications’ most highly respected leaders. We’re continuing to celebrate this tradition with the appointment of McKinney President Jeff Jones to CMO of Target.

“When Jeff talked with me about his decision, I felt deep pride for someone I have worked with, mentored and been great friends with for years,” said McKinney Chairman and CEO Brad Brinegar. “I am equally as proud of what his new post says about McKinney. We measure ourselves on who we are able to attract, what they do when they are here and if at some point they choose to leave, the quality of the opportunity they leave us for. Congratulations to Jeff for landing one of the best jobs in America.”

“It was an easy decision to join McKinney six years ago because of its creative reputation, digital leadership and amazing people,” said Jeff. “We achieved record growth with our client partners, dominated both the Effie and MIXX Awards and launched the McKinney Ten Percent Innovation Program. I know I am leaving the agency in great hands and will look proudly on its continued success and leadership.”

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