Subway talks "The Pitch" with Ad Age - McKinney

Subway talks “The Pitch” with Ad Age

March 26, 2012

Tony Pace, Subway’s chief marketer, discussed “The Pitch” with Ad Age. On April 8, AMC will air a sneak peek of their new reality show focused on agencies battling for business. While some agencies shied from opening their doors to the public, Pace said, ” I was surprised with a lot of people turning it down. And as it turns out, we were originally going to be a middle episode for ‘The Pitch,’ and apparently they liked the way ours turned out so much that it became the premiere episode.”

A sneak peek of the premier episode of AMC’s “The Pitch” will air April 8 and again on April 30 for the official series premier. The episode will feature McKinney and WDCW LA pitching for the Subway gig.

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