Creative populism at McKinney - McKinney

Creative populism at McKinney

March 15, 2012

It was standing room only at McKinney for Carl Nordgren, a visiting professor at Duke and teacher of creative entrepreneurship. Describing himself as a “creative populist,” he had us all considering how to increase our creative capacity and expand our entrepreneurial instincts.

“Creative populism is truly the calling I was always hoping to have in my life,” said the father of three daughters (creatively entrepreneurial in their own right) and the founder of eight different businesses. “Creativity is basic human nature and our brains are plastic and eager to adapt to whatever engagement we serve up. But too often we tell ourselves we aren’t creative because we aren’t artistic. Or we aren’t entrepreneurial because we don’t have an idea for a business. I envision a world where great waves of creative and entrepreneurial people wash over all of our organizations and institutions.”

Nordgren believes that our economy can’t recover, it can only be renewed. “This renewal will occur only when each of us and all of us develop our creatively entrepreneurial qualities.”

At the close of his visit, Nordgren called on all McKinney employees to transform the way we think creatively. “Embrace divergent discovery where you generate many great ideas,” he urged. “The more you create, the better your chances of finding that one great idea.” He also offered daily activities that cultivate creative entrepreneurialism.

To get those and learn more, take a look at Jeff Jones’ conversation with Carl.

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