McKinney rocks Effie 2012 with 13 finalists - McKinney

McKinney rocks Effie 2012 with 13 finalists

February 21, 2012

Effie 2012’s list of preliminary finalists is live at But let’s cut to the chase. McKinney has 13 finalists this year for seven clients in 12 different categories. Here they are:

Sherwin-Williams Color Chips in three categories (Household Furnishings & Appliances, Retail, Corporate Reputation/Professional Services)

Gold’s Gym in two categories (Energy/Nutrition Products & Services, Leisure Products & Services)

SPENT in four categories (Good Works – Non-Profit, Brand Experience, Media Idea, Media Innovation)

Lenovo Boot or Bust (Electronics)

Qwest/CenturyLink Ultimate Problem Solver (Single Impact Engagement)

EAS Unstoppable Tour (Energy/Nutrition Products & Services)

Travelocity Roaming Gnome (Sustained Success)
Winners will be revealed on May 23 in New York City.