McKinney has a thing for cars: Highlights from the Detroit Auto Show - McKinney

McKinney has a thing for cars: Highlights from the Detroit Auto Show

January 18, 2012

Lucky for his Twitter followers, McKinney’s Jonathan Cude, group creative director and admirer of beautiful vehicles, brought his iPad to the Cobo Center for the Detroit Auto Show’s 2012 Industry Preview.

Between 12:07 p.m. and 6:50 p.m. on January 12, Jonathan tweeted more than 10 times per hour, most containing photos and all brimming with auto enthusiasm. What follows is a selection of tweets that best summarize his experience. Click on each tweet to see the related photo.

If the popularity of smartphones and tablets is any indication, we really like small things that do a lot of stuff. Automakers are now taking this to heart. Jonathan noticed a shift in focus from gas-guzzling monstrosities made by homegrown behemoths like Ford and Chrysler to smaller models with thoughtful technological bells and whistles.

For the money this car is hard to beat. Amazing list of standard features. Voice command and back up camera in a KIA!?

Mini Cooper “works” coupe. Might eat a fiat 500 for breakfast and spit it out the tail pipe.

Jonathan wasn’t as impressed with all of the models, however.

I’m gonna give it to u straight, these guys [Fiat] have a long way to go to catch Mini. The J Lo stuff did NOT help.

This is the face of a man who thought the sound of the fiat 500 door closing was “tinny.”

The New York Times wrote about the auto industry’s movement toward a style called American Global, which incorporates elements from vehicles made in Europe and Japan, to meet the expectations and aesthetic leanings of foreign markets. Jonathan took note.

Why yes the front end of this Ford Fusion does look like it was inspired by Aston Martin…good eye there.

This Merc SLS 6.3 mugged a few people as they walked by. It needs cash and lots ‘o gas, but what car.

The all-Michigan-made Falcon. Hand-made in Holly, MI. A cool $225k.

Another theme: lighter, more efficient cars that still kick ass, I mean meet high performance expectations.

Smart Car grows a pair. Concept, of course.

Interior of the Volvo XC 60. Clean, simple, elegant.

And, in case you couldn’t tell, Jonathan was most taken by MINI.

By FAR the most fun set up at the show. Mini really has it together right now. Tons of cool base models and variants.