Jeff Jones talks to YPO TODAY - McKinney

Jeff Jones talks to YPO TODAY

October 27, 2011

Our President Jeff Jones recently spoke to YPO/WPO TODAY, the daily newspaper of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). His topic was adding talent during tough economic times. Despite the current state of the economy, some YPO members are reporting they are coming off hiring spurts and remain cautiously optimistic about the times ahead. Here’s an excerpt of what Jeff shared:

“Jones says with the 42-year-old McKinney coming off its best two years in history, yielding a 21 percent increase in 2009 and a 42 percent increase in 2010, it has had to add talent—about 80 people, in fact. Although the firm is projecting additional growth in 2011, albeit at a more moderate rate, it is looking to hold the line on additional hires to avoid an overly quick upsizing.”

Jones notes that expanding the firm’s workforce has not been easy, as the labor market, at least in his field, has changed.

The problem, he says, is that digital communication has transformed how people connect with one another, and because of it, the firm needs employees with technology-based skill sets, such as programmers and Web developers. And that puts his firm into competition with businesses in seemingly unrelated sectors.

“Five years ago we would never have imagined going after the same personnel,” he says.

And the mindset of the personnel has changed, too, particularly among the youngest of generations now in the labor market.

Many people who belong to the so-called millennial generation, he says, see no problems with working for a few years, sopping up whatever they can learn before moving elsewhere. “They learn, give back to us, and then make a change without much consideration,” Jones says, noting the firm essentially leases much of the talent. “It only stays frustrating if you don’t embrace it as a reality.”